Thursday, 29 December 2011

Favourite Youtubers - Shirley B. Eniang

Hey everyone!
A drawing of the very beautiful fashion blogger, Shirley B Eniang!

These are from a collection called My Favourite Youtubers.
These are a list of people I watch religiously and aspire to be like. I love them so much I decided to draw a bunch of them. 

7 Hours 

Drawn from photo reference below

  Drawn Using Pencils 

Here is a youtube video of how to draw Amy Winehouse [Click Here]

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Quick Drawings for my SketchBook

Hey everyone here are some drawings for my GCSE Sketchbook!

Rihanna (1hr)

Angelina Jolie (6hrs)

Nicki Minaj

Drawn from several reference pictures

All Drawn Using Pencils, However, I Didn't Calculate the Amount of Time it Took.

Here is a youtube video of how to draw Angelina Jolie [Click]

Here is a youtube video of how to draw Nicki Minaj [Click]

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